• Shop & Save at Basha's for AACS

    Posted on Nov 14 2008

    Now is the time to consider using your purchases to help support our school...
  • AACS will present their Christmas program on December 13 during the Sabbath worship service.
  • December 6 Music Special

    Posted on Nov 14 2008

    You are cordially invited to the Apache Junction Seventh-day Adventist church for a special musical presentation by the Coffroth sisters...
  • Come and honor our servicemen - November 9, 12:00 - 2:00pm
  • Youth baptismal classes are underway

    Posted on Sep 13 2008

    Interested in baptism? Are you a young person? We can help...
  • Adventurers & Pathfinders starting

    Posted on Sep 13 2008

    If you are interested in Adventurers or Pathfinders, either for a child or as a staff member, come and see us...
  • AACS Events

    Posted on Sep 13 2008

    The Adobe Adventist Christian School year has started... View this article for upcoming events.
  • An informative presentation on how your Arizona Tax Credit can help finance the Adobe School will be given after vespers September 6.
  • Tips on using igive to benefit AACS

    Posted on Aug 28 2008

    This article provides examples of real ways people have used to benefit Adobe Christian School.
  • By purchasing on you can support the Adobe School with no extra expense.
  • igive for AACS

    Posted on Aug 28 2008 provides another opportunity for people to participate in the financial welfare of the AACS school by doing what they will do any- shopping!
  • Basha's Numbers for AACS

    Posted on Aug 15 2008

    This article provides the 3 numbers you can use starting Septemebr 1 when shopping at Basha's to help AACS financially without any out-of-pocket expense to you.
  • Basha's for AACS

    Posted on Aug 09 2008

    The program under which we can earn money for the school simply by shopping at Basha's begins for the new year on September 1. Read about it...
  • 3 Boys Baptized May 19, 2008

    Posted on Apr 30 2008

    Following the direction and example of Jesus, 3 boys are buried in baptism and raised to new life
  • Teen girls baptised March 22, 2008

    Posted on Mar 21 2008

    Today, in holy worship, two teens - both Pathfinders from the local club - were baptised at the Apache Junction church
  • Shop at Bashas and help our school!

    Posted on Jan 13 2008

    Bashas will donate financial resources to the Adobe Adventist Christian School (AACS) under a program of profit sharing when you link your purchases to the school.
  • Baptiism!

    Posted on Dec 20 2007

    Ron Darnell takes his stand with Jesus
  • AACS receives $$$$$$$$ from Basha's

    Posted on Nov 26 2007

    People contribute financially to the success of AACS (Adobe Adventist Christian School) by linking their purchases at Basha's grocery stores with the school.
  • Bags of Love

    Posted on Aug 03 2007

    Your help is needed with the Womens' Ministry program "Bags of Love"
  • Vespers program for August 11, 2007

    Posted on Aug 03 2007

    The Tongan singers will be in concert at the AJ church August 11, 2007 at 6:00PM
  • Harold Schwark asleep in Jesus

    Posted on Jul 03 2007

    Our faithful brother in Christ Harold Schwark fell asleep in the Lord on June 22, 2007...
  • Members on a mission

    Posted on Jul 03 2007

    The Fullers are on a mission trip to Tanzania Africa through the month of July...
  • Volunteers paint the school
  • Womens Ministry

    Posted on Apr 12 2007

    Womens Ministry helps children removed from homes by Child Protective Services
  • New School Sign

    Posted on Apr 12 2007

    School sign
  • Pastoral Change for AJ!

    Posted on Jul 27 2006

    Pastor Greg Jones Leaving!